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Governance & Accountability

LAUSD Approved Charter 2018-2023 

To be in adherence to the provisions of the Local School Leadership Council, the composition of the Governing Council will be of 16 members:  8 certificated members including the UTLA chair and the other 8, will include the principal, elected parent/community representatives, an elected non-certificated employee representative and a student rep.  

Local School Leadership Council Responsibilities

  • Staff development program 
  • Student discipline guidelines and code of student conduct 
  • Schedule of school activities and events, and special schedules 
  • Guidelines for use of school equipment, including the copy machine and 
  • Local budgetary matters for instructional materials:  
    1. Instructional material account in program 3027
    2. Lottery funds account 5381
    3. School Determined Needs account 3986
    4. State Textbook and Related material accounts 4111, 4152 & 4267
    5. Student Integration program discretionary funds

LSLC Meeting Agendas

LSLC Meeting Minutes

9/14/23 LSLC Meeting Agenda

9/21/23 LSLC Meeting Agenda - CANCELED

10/5/23 LSLC Meeting Agenda

10/19/23 LSLC Meeting Agenda

11/2/23 LSLC Meeting Agenda

12/7/23 LSLC Meeting Agenda

1/11/24 LSLC Meeting Agenda

9/14/23 LSLC Meeting Minutes

10/19/23 Meeting Minutes

11/2/23 Meeting Minutes

12/7/23 Meeting Minutes


School Site Council

Parents retain four seats (25% of the voting members) on University High School's School Site Council (SSC). The SSC, which is a decision-making council comprised of teachers, students, staff, and parents, meets once a month after school, check the school calendar for dates. This elected body oversees and decides upon how our schools annual Title I funding will be used to support students. Parents and other community members are welcome at these meetings even if they are not elected members. Elections are held annually in September. Join the Parent Involvement Schoology Group to stay connected with current events and meetings. The code to join the Parent Involvement Schoology Group is CGSR-WN3G-C7VFT.

LSLC Meeting Agendas

LSLC Meeting Minute

9/14/23 LSLC Meeting Agenda

10/24/23 SSC Meeting Agenda

11/13/23 SSC Agenda

12/11/23 SSC Agenda

9/14/23 LSLC Meeting Minutes

10/24/23 SSC Meeting Minutes

11/13/23 SSC Meeting Minutes


Title I 

"Title I" generally refers to the federal compensatory education services and funding provided to students and schools under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Every year schools who receive this funding create a Single Plan for Student Achievement that guides the programs and services provided by this funding. The budgets for the next years program are decided and voted on by the SSC members. University High School has over 75% free and reduced lunch qualified students. For more information on income eligibility for the National School Lunch Program, please refer to the CDE website.  Aside from receiving free or reduced-price meals, students who qualify for Title I services also qualify for a variety of other benefits:

  • Fee Waivers for PSAT, SAT, SAT II (Subject), and ACT tests

  • Partial Fee Waivers for Advanced Placement (AP) Tests

Schools also receive additional funding based on the percentage of their student population who qualify for Title I Services. These funds are used to increase and facilitate parent involvement at the school, and upgrade the instructional program throughout the school. 


The English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) is composed of the parents of the English Learners at Uni High and discuss issues concerning the English Learner community. Many times, these issues are school wide issues like attendance. All parents, whether they are parents of English Learners or not, are welcome to attend and participate in the meetings. There are five elected officers that will make decisions and submit recommendations to the School Site Council. Click on the ELAC link on the top left to be directed to the ELAC page and find out more about our meetings.

ELAC Meeting Agendas

ELAC Meeting Minute

11/8/23 ELAC Meeting

11/29/23 ELAC Meeting

11/8/23 ELAC Meeting Minutes