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Academic Planning

Uni students take 6 classes a semester. Most courses are year-long courses. With the graduation requirements in mind, students have some flexibility in the courses that they select. 

To graduate, students must earn at least a "D" in required courses. In order to be eligible for UCs and Cal States, students must earn at least a "C" in required courses.

Many courses are offered as honors classes, and we have 24 AP Courses to choose from. We also offer an abundance of electives to help students get the most out of their high school curriculum. 



Social Science: A - Requirement

All students must complete one year of World History and US History. Students must complete a semester each of US Government and Economics*.

9th Grade
None or World History Honors
10th Grade
World History
(regular, honors, or AP)
11th Grade
US History
(regular, honors, or AP)
12th Grade

US Government - one semester
(regular, honors, or AP) 

Economics* - one semester
(regular, honors, or AP)

*Economics - satisfies one semester of a G-Elective


English: B - Requirement

All students must complete four years of English and be enrolled in English all four years. 

9th Grade
English 9 (regular or honors)
10th Grade
English 10 (regular or honors)
11th Grade

English 11 (regular or honors) or
AP English Language

12th Grade
English 12 (regular or honors) or
AP English Literature


English Language Development (ELD)
Academic ELD 3 and English 9 Sheltered
Academic ELD 4 and English 9 or 10 Sheltered



Language Other Than English (LOTE):
E - Requirement

All students must complete two years of a Language Other Than English course. These two years must be for the same language. A third year is recommended. 

LOTE Classes at Uni:

Spanish 1 (regular or honors)
Spanish 2 (regular or honors)
Spanish 3 (regular or honors)

Spanish for Spanish Speakers*
Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1 (regular or honors)
Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2 (regular or honors)

*One year of Spanish for Spanish Speakers satisfies two years of the LOTE requirement

AP Spanish Courses
AP Spanish Language
AP Spanish Literature

French 1
French 2
French 3


College Preparatory Elective:
G - Requirement

An additional class in social science, math, lab science, language other than English, English, etc. 

Sample G-Elective Courses at Uni:

Economics (one semester)
Exploring Computer Science
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Psychology
AP Seminar
AP Research
Any college class not used towards a different graduation requirement

Mathematics: C - Requirement

All students must complete Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. Students must be enrolled in a math class 9th through 11th grade. It is recommended that students take math all four years. 

Math Courses at Uni:

Algebra 1 
Geometry (regular or honors)
Algebra 2 (regular or honors)
Honors Advanced Math (combines Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus)
Pre-Calculus (regular or honors)
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
Statistics (regular, honors, or AP)


Science: D - Requirement

All students must complete one year of a biological science and one year of a physical science. An additional year of science is recommended. 

Science Classes at Uni: 

Interactions (physical science)
Biology (regular or honors - biological science)
Marine Biology Honors (biological science)
Chemistry (regular or honors - physical science)
Physics (regular or honors - physical science)
AP Biology* (biological science)
AP Chemistry (physical science)
AP Physics (physical science)

*Biology (regular or honors) is a prerequisite to taking AP Biology


Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA):
F - Requirement

All students must complete one year of a VAPA class. This can be taken at any grade. 

VAPA Classes at Uni:

Visual Arts
Ceramics 1 and 2
Drawing 1 and 2
Painting 1 and 2
Digital Imaging 1, 2, and Production
Graphic Design 1, 2, and 3
Animation 1, 2, and 3

Keyboarding 1 and 2
Choir 1 and 2
Guitar 1 and 2
Jazz Ensemble
Music Technology

AP Drawing
AP Studio Art 2D
AP Studio Art 3D
AP Music Theory


Other Graduation Requirement Coursework

The following classes are required for students to earn a diploma.

Health (one semester)
Physical Education (two years, most sports satisfy this requirement)


Other Electives Offered at Uni

Uni students can also take the following electives. 

AVID (9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, Senior Seminar)
Medical Terminology
Sports Medicine
Athletic Training

Career Explorations, 21st Century Skills