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MAST Magnet LogoMAST Magnet Mission Statement:

At Uni High’s MAST magnet, we take pride in our rigorous and collaborative Math, Art, Science, and Technology curriculum that emphasizes discovery and serves diverse student interests. In addition to providing magnet theme connections in their core classes, we offer themed pathways of study for students to choose from: computer science, AVID, digital media, as well as a variety of theme-related AP classes. All students have access to various enrichment opportunities to help them envision their future success in MAST careers.

MAST Magnet Vision Statement:

At Uni High’s MAST Magnet, we envision graduates who become active civic participants ready to embrace the world’s opportunities as well as social and environmental challenges. Our graduates are creative and flexible critical thinkers who have acquired academic and career-based skills and experiences, preparing them to compete in the media-rich global economy of the 21st century.

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MAST MAGNET Elective Pathways:


Computer Science: Exploring Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A (Java Coding)


Digital Media: Digital Imaging 1, Digital Imaging 2, Digital Imaging Production, WLAC Fall 2023: Cinema 001


AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination): AVID 9, AVID 10, AVID 11, AVID 12


Theme-Related Electives: Marine Biology, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Psychology, AP Environmental Science, AP Drawing, AP Studio Art, AP Statistics, AP Calculus... and more!

Magnet Coordinator:       
Alice Hwang
[email protected]                       
(310) 914-3606 (email preferred)