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Who We Are

  The Communications Arts Academy offers students the opportunity to acquire real-world, 21st century skills, combining creativity and rigorous academics in project-based learning experiences. Through core academics, Honors and Advanced Placement Coursework, and leadership training through SkillsUSA, our students are introduced to Graphic Design Principles and sequenced to Desktop Publishing culminating in their capstone class utilizing all the advertising principles they have learned while creating the high school yearbook. Visit our website for more information.

Graphic Arts Sequence

 We are a California Partnership Academy focusing on CTE Graphic Arts and Fine Arts. After getting a solid background in the principles of fine art   our students move on to the Graphic Arts Sequence. In a three-sequence program, the student will learn the foundations of design, desktop publishing and will capstone in designing and producing the yearbook. From photographing sporting events to prom; creating advertising for our school plays and musicals along with any other event, the student will learn all facets of how to produce a professionally designed culminating product.

Animation Sequence

Animation students learn the foundations of animation in their intro class and move on to a portfolio of work in Advanced Traditional Animation or Computer Animation. Animation students participate in a bi-weekly live interactive video broadcast with the ACME Animation Network composed of professional animators, writers, producers, directors and more. Professionals from the animation industry interact with students, mentoring them while critiquing the student projects building lifelong relationships.

Our Other Options     

 In addition, students can express themselves as members of the University High School Jazz Cat Singers, choir, the high school orchestra, Drum line and through expressive dance. Students are mentored every week by professionals in the music industry while participating in Music Technology, Theory, Advanced Band and Jazz Ensemble. They also have the opportunity to learn how to be sound engineers and technicians.