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Code of Conduct

All individuals are expected to conduct themselves with personal dignity and pride.

When questioning my actions, these are our three essential guiding questions:

  1. Is this action good for me?
  2. Is this action good for others?
  3. Is this action good for the environment?

Ways that students can demonstrate their understanding are:

  • Treat ALL persons with respect. Respect all students’ rights to learn and be safe. Respect all Uni Staff and comply with classroom policies and rules.
  • Obey all local, state, Federal laws.  
  • Attend all classes daily and be on time.  
  • Absolutely no forging or plagiarizing at University High School.  
  • Adhere to district cell phone policy. Phones can only be used before school, after school, during nutrition and lunch. Cell phones may be used in classrooms ONLY with the teacher’s permission.
The following are NOT allowed:  
  • Gang activity, attire or signs.  
  • Possession of drugs, alcohol, or any other illegal substance.  
  • Causing disruption or use of profanity in class or on school campus.  
  • Exchanges of goods, money or services for personal gain such as gambling and unauthorized sales of food or other items.
  • Possession of weapons or dangerous objects.  
  • Administrative approval must be obtained to wear headgear in classrooms.  
  • No public displays of affection are allowed on campus.  
  • No littering anywhere on campus. Each student is responsible for picking up after themselves.  

UHSC Dress Code 

The standard of student attire has been established to help students dress appropriately for an educational institution and to sustain a positive environment for learning. Students dressed inappropriately and in violation of the dress code will be detained until appropriate attire is brought from home, or the student changes into clothing provided by the Dean’s Office. Parents will be notified when their student is dressed inappropriately.



The following articles of clothing are NOT ALLOWED at University High School:

  • Clothing that shows excessive skin.
  • Non-Uni headgear.
  • Overly short shorts or skirts. (Adhere to the third fingertip rule.)
  • Visible underwear
  • Bagging/Sagging pants.
  • Footwear that exposes toes and/or feet
  • Message clothing which is obscene or vulgar, sexually suggestive, inflammatory in nature, or gang, drug, or alcohol related is prohibited.
  • Clothing made of fabrics such as lycra or spandex that clearly defines a person’s body may only be worn as undergarments. Pants, shorts or dresses must be worn on top.
  • Inappropriately “ripped” pants, stockings or leotards.
  • Sleepwear including pajamas or blankets.

Tardy Policy

UHSC Tardy Policy:

  • 1st Bell rings at 8:20am
  • Gates close at 8:30am
  • Students to be inside their classroom by 8:30 am
  • All students entering campus after 8:30 am are to enter through the front door on Texas Avenue and sign in
  • Each tardy will accrue a 20 minute detention. When student accumulates 3 tardies they are to be assigned 1 hour detention
  • Detention is to be served with UCLA After school program
  • Each detention  will be monitored by the Deans office
  • Dean’s office will follow up with students who fail to satisfy detention by the due date
  • Students may be placed on ineligible list and/or NO PASS list and may be unable to attend school functions for failure to comply with their detention
  • Per district policy tardies are only excused with doctor, dentist, court or official documents
  • Per Compulsory Education code 48260: Three or more unexcused tardies of thirty minutes or more from any class constitutes a truancy


Dean's Office at (310) 914-3505